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Copying VHS videos

We have had the ability to burn the contents of VHS videos to DVDs for some time, but we’ve just taken a significant step forwards. Rather than simply letting our trusty Toshiba machinetoshiba zap the stuff straight onto DVD, we can grab the stuff from the video cassette onto a computer, tidy it up, and then burn it onto a DVD. This opens up various options. It’s still possible to simply dump the video contents straight on to a DVD so that it runs just like a video would. But it’s also possible now to divide a video up into chapters, and put a menu on the front of the DVD, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. In principle it is easier to edit videos as well, if that is desirable.

Significant amounts of family memories were stored on video cassettes in the 80s and 90s – wedding videos, and family camcorder recordings – even digital ones, before data storage was as cheap and easy as it is today – and we may be able to help you see those recordings again. We would charge around £8 per hour for a simple transfer from VHS to DVD. The charge for adding a menu system would depend on its complexity, but for guidance, it would be possible to add a simple menu for about £5.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the law has now changed, making it legal to make personal copies of videos. It may be the case that you have video recordings of things that it’s not possible to find on DVD. Copy protection notwithstanding, if you have an original video, the law would now be on your side if you wish to burn it onto a DVD, for format.