Family Digital Archive

Would you like to gather and showcase your family memories in one place on the internet? Would you like to build a genealogical archive, but are worried about security and privacy?

Built on the WordPress platform, we have developed a new concept in software which we have named the Family Digital Archive. The administrator can build up lists of family members, significant locations, events and friends, and then upload photos or other media to associate with them. It is then possible to search by any of these things.

Some features of the Family Digital Archive:

  • Collaborative – different users can be authorised to provide archive material and memories or just add notes;
  • Secure – any or all of the material is only visible for registered users;
  • Customisable – there are tens of thousands of WordPress themes that can be used to control how the archive is displayed;
  • Open – you are free to adapt the platform to your own requirements.

To come: FDA demonstration site.