Media conversion

In every house, there’s probably a shoebox – or bigger! – of photos, which does nothing much other than gather dust. Eventually, a lot of these boxes end up simply thrown away. Probably a fair number of the photos have little by way of artistic or social merit, but there are also quite a lot which represent precious family memories, and stories. It was an awareness of this loss of heritage that inspired the setting up of CJK Digital.

Memories take other forms. The 70s and 80s saw the first widespread availability of audio and video recording. Now we find ourselves with piles of VHS and audio cassettes, and frequently no means to listen to or watch them. And even though vinyl is making a comeback, there are a fair number of us with piles of LPs and singles and no means of listening to them.

What we can do

CJK Digital can convert media – photos, audio, video – from old, analogue formats to new, digital formats, making them available to be shared with family or published to social media.

Guide prices

Scan photos £5 per film (to 40 exp.)
Scan negatives £8 per film (to 40 exp.)
VCR to DVD £8 per hour
Audio cassette to MP3/CD £8 per hour
Vinyl to MP3/CD £10 per LP